headshot of mike mulhall

Who am I?

My name is Mike Mulhall and I am a tech entrepreneur with a passion for Crypto.

We have never lived in a time so exciting as this and very rarely do we get to witness the birth of entire new industries like blockchain technology.

Blockchain and the advent of cryptocurrencies has the potential to fundamentally change the way numerous industries do business.

There has not been a paradigm shift like this since the birth of the computer or the internet.

My Goal

I built Theycallitcrypto for a few reasons:

  • Community. To foster a community of crypto enthusiasts and those new to the field.
  • Q&A. To answer every question you have about crypto. Whether it’s how to buy it, trade it, store it or learn about it.
  • Growth. To do my part in helping grow a technology that I believe can change the world in a dramatic way.

Get started now and find out how to buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies!