Nowadays, we see people around us using their smartphones for many purposes, including education, entertainment, shopping, listening to music, and playing games. And if you see many of our times, we are swiping fingers from right to left on the screen of our smartphones.

It has been noticed that ordinary people have around 80+ mobile apps installed on their smartphones. For each purpose, we have mobile applications on our smartphones.

These mobile applications are developed by developers using different programming languages. So today we are going to discuss one such programming language developers use for app development. A React native robust front-end app development language leveraged by developers around the world to craft exceptional mobile app solutions.

One of the reasons why developers prefer react native for android app development is that its based on javascript language and allows developers to use the same codebase to develop mobile applications for android and iOS. Developers go to Github repositories to find pre-developed codebase and templates.

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