Derivatives – One of the oldest forms of financial contracts, has always been loved by traders as they provide them the capability to hedge their trade. Firstly, you provide your traders with another reason to visit your exchange. There are many crypto traders out there, and you won’t relish them driving to your competitors just because they want to trade in derivatives and you lack the facility.

You can take a charge of all derivatives trading occurring on your exchange. Shortly, you can lend traders crypto assets.

A force multiplier for your revenues is the margin facility for derivatives trading. On one hand, it enhances the traders’ ability to make money, while on the other, you get to earn significant earnings with more extensive volumes of trades.

Even if a trader fails to keep their margin account, there is no reason to fear as you can liquidate their assets. As a reputable Crypto Exchange development company that provides highly effective Derivative Exchange Software – Maticz has made a name for itself. We have delivered myriad thriving crypto exchange development projects to small to large enterprises worldwide.

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