The below-listed use cases are some of the prominent use cases of blockchain technology and NFTs in the fashion industry.

NFT Accessories
Converting fashion accessories and clothes into NFTs is one of the notable use cases of NFTs in the fashion industry. Offering accessories as NFTs enables the owners to purchase unique accessories on which the rightful owner can exercise immutable ownership.

Metaverse Use Case
As the latest tech inventions are metaverse-centric, which can soon be the mainstream for online operations. The fashion industry can play its part by enabling people to integrate the best fashion NFTs in the metaverse. This integration enables the users to flex their unique fashion accessories purchased from fashion NFT marketplaces in the 3-dimensional virtual platform.

Virtual Shopping Platform
A step further than shopping on flatscreens. Fashion goods can go very well with virtual shopping platforms. These platforms enable customers to explore the collection of clothes and other fashion accessories in a store set-up virtually. Apart from these stores being a level up to flatscreen online shopping, it blends the advantages of physical and online shopping under one roof. In addition, these virtual stores can also be equipped with bots that can enrich customers’ knowledge about the product.

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