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What are we looking for?

We’re always looking for experienced writers who enjoy creating educational articles about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.  Our mission has always been to educate and inform anyone who is interested in crypto, whether they are an experienced trader and or a rookie investor.

If you can help us accomplish that mission, we’d love to publish your work!

What should I write about?

We are interested in any crypto-related how-to articles and tutorials that are thorough and as illustrative as possible (we love marked up screenshots to help visualize the instructions). Here are a few guidelines to follow to increase your article’s chance of approval:

Tutorial Subjects

  • How to’s – Examples include how to buy & sell coins, trade coins, safely store different coins, participate in specific ICOs, use specific exchanges and analyze market data.
  • Descriptions – Descriptions of coins and crypto-related terms (ex. what is cryptocurrency).
  • General Knowledge
  • Infographics – We LOVE these!!


  • Review existing tutorials on our site and make sure your article is not duplicating content we already have (unless your writing is superior to what we have on the subject).
  • We love photos, screenshots, graphics and illustrations. It’s safe to say that if you’re post doesn’t contain visuals, it probably won’t be approved.
  • We like short paragraphs and a casual, friendly tone.
  • We love headings, sub-headings and bullets points. Feel free to use markup in your sample.
  • If you are writing a tutorial or how to, please go to our Submit a Crypto Tutorial page


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Payment (our rate starts at $.04 per word)Guest post with an outgoing SEO-friendly linkDue to high supply, approval ratings are higher for the guest posts than the paid posts

We prefer straightforward titles. Ex. How to "Accomplish a Task" with "Tool".

The larger the sample, the better chances of approval. If you'd like us to see some formatting, please submit in HTML or Markdown format.